Trends every influencer marketing agency must use

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic” –  Seth Godin

”47% of online consumers use ad blockers.”This is one of the most important reasons why brands and businesses are putting their money behind influencer marketing. Influencer marketing agencies are acting as operative bridges between brands and the influencers. An Influencer marketing agency helps brands get not just exposure but targeted exposure through influencers.

Here are a few trends in Influencer Marketing which could be useful for your brand –

Micro Influencers-  Celebrities and macro influencers may have a huge number of followers but they might not necessarily engage with their brand posts. So, it’s important to find an influencer who engages your niche audience. Though the number of followers are comparatively less for micro influencers, the audience is more dedicated to the influencer. An Influencer marketing agency helps brands and businesses find the right influencer and promote their offering in the most effective way possible.

Videos- With social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, live streaming and use of videos have become increasingly popular. Pictures are great too, but videos show the entire story or the scene. And they are a better way for influencers to give a proper message to their followers. Influencer marketing agencies help influencers in making creative videos and getting maximum outreach.

Stories- Stories are short,crisp and very catchy, thereby they immediately grab attention. Stories also give the audience an overview of how the influencer is using a particular product and why. Followers are all eyes to check out their favourite influencer’s stories, which are not only informational but also fun to watch. Stories give life to digital and influencer marketing.

More and more branded content- People are no longer getting influenced by regular television commercials. Also, they are not very relatable. And everyone wants to know what their favorite influencers are using and doing. They trust their influencers while choosing brands and products. So even bigger and established brands are opting for Influencer marketing. An Influencer marketing agency helps the brand in choosing the right Influencer to target the potential and interested audience.

New network trends- We as marketers should try to understand the changes in the popularity of social networks with time. And also, the active account usage matters more than the total user accounts that have been registered. Facebook is supremely leading among all the social media networks, followed by YouTube and Instagram. Apart from these, we should pay attention to some emerging social media networks like Snapchat to which everyone’s getting addicted to, in order to get a wider outreach.

Not convinced yet?

Brands such as NYX and Becca have become multimillion-dollar cosmetic brands because of social media influencer and digital marketing. With success stories like these, it’s quite clear that influencer marketing spices up your engagement and brand visibility. So, what are you waiting for?

You should start with influencer marketing today if you have not, to grab some eyeballs in the vast digital world & achieve improved ROIs.

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